Everything You Required To Learn About Eyelash Extensions

Mink lashes

Eyelash extensions are synthetic lashes that are securely glued to the natural eyelashes. Since they are applied in a single step, they can look very natural, in contrast to strip lashes. You can customize them to suit your particular eye form and design.

There are a lot of questions about your preference for lengths, curls, styles as well as thicknesses and the type of eyelashes you want when you first go to your appointment with your eyelash specialist.

To alleviate the worries of newcomers to eyelash extensions We have created an extensive guideline of curl, thickness, length, styles, and aftercare to help you be better prepared for your consultation and also understand the general procedure of mega volume lash extensions application.

Application of Lash Extensions

Once all the steps of preparation have been completed, the final step is to isolate your eyelashes.

Isolation is a step where your lash artist picks out one of your natural lashes using the tweezers. Once it is separated the lash, a synthetic fibre will be picked up and dipped in a suitable amount of lash glue, and put on either the top or side of your natural lashes, leaving a gap in your lash line. Repeat this process until you have the desired appearance. Acelashes.com provides the option to purchase lash extensions tweezers.


There is no longer a limit to traditional mascaras. There are plenty of options for volume, hybrid, and classic lashes.

Volume lashes can be created using 3D, 2D or 6D. 2D is a reference to 2-dimensional, which simply means there are two synthetic lashes attached to one natural eyelash. Two 0.10mm thick lashes can give a an attractive and natural appearance on your eyes. The number of lashes applied to each lash is dependent on the condition of your lashes and the style you want. But, it's important to make sure that your lash artist is not applying more than 0.12mm or more thicker lashes on the same natural lash because it may cause endanger the natural lashes.

Hybrid lash can be described as a mixture of Volume and Classic lashes. It combines the look of Classic lash but adds the volume of Volume lash, gives a beautiful natural and more full look to the eyes.


To design your own eyelash style, there are many eyelash thicknesses to choose from. When eyelash extensions first came into fashion the thickness was limited to 0.25mm or 0.2mm. Technology has enabled it to make use of 0.15mm or 0.10mm.

The most popular lash/ lash extensions are made of 0.15mm while 0.12mm is suitable for mascaras that are smaller and fine. For volume lashes they are 0.07mm or 0.05mm thickness. In this instance, several extensions are fashioned into a fan for you to put onto the natural eyelashes. Acelashes are the most effective mink lashes vendor.


The curls are represented using an alphabetic letter that is similar to the curl. A curl is a slight curl while B curl is a medium curl that gives a slight open eye effect. The C and D curls are the most visible and intense from the front.

The type of curl used will be determined by the direction of the natural growth of your lashes since the curls have a different impact on people with downward-pointing lashes and a person with curved up lashes.


Your natural lashes should dictate the length of extensions you select. Too long extensions that your natural lashes cannot accommodate will strain your natural lashes and cause damage or premature shed. Opt for extensions that are no more than 1.5 times of the natural lashes. This will ensure that your extensions will last longer and won't cause damage to your natural lashes.

Doll Eye, Cat Eye, and Sweet are the most common eyelash styles. Doll eye design has the longest lashes at the center of the eye. This creates an open-eye effect that makes it look larger, while Cat eye design focuses on the longer lashes at the ends, to increase length of the eye. The sweet look employs a longer length across the eye, creating the illusion of a larger and more wide eye effect.

After Care

Refer to the image below for a quick summary of aftercare for eyelash extensions. Alternatively, you can read "7 Eyelash Extension Aftercare Tips that will make them Last Longer" for more details.

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